Looking to obtain German residency by means of an investment in property or a passive business investment? The German Investor Visa program is essentially a hybrid between an Entrepreneurial Visa and a Golden Visa Program. Prospective non-EU applicants are required to make a regional property investment of no less than €250,000 in off-plan real estate, while also taking part in economic activity to the benefit of German citizens. The latter requirement can conveniently be met by making a €100,000 investment in a regional entrepreneurial development fund for a period of 5 years.

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The German Investor Visa Program at a glance

Property based Golden Visas are presently the most popular among non-EU investors seeking to obtain residency in the EU, in large part due to the relative simplicity of the process. On the other side of the spectrum, countries such as France, Spain and Portugal offer entrepreneurial visa programs, R&D and even green investment based Golden Visa program variants.

These are typically a lot more onerous and far less more involved. The German Investor Visa’s criteria were developed with a view to achieve the goals of job creation and intellectual property (IP) development – without making the application process too onerous for visa investors.

Consequently, the German Investor Visa emulates the passive, regional center based approach successfully pioneered under the USA EB-5 Visa Program. Non-EU investors seeking to obtain German residency are required to meet two simple investment requirements:

1) Purchase a government approved property of no less than €250,000 situated in a local municipal area in Northern Germany.

In addition, visa program applicants are required to make an entrepreneurial investment of no less than €100,000 in a regional development fund – which conveniently ticks the job creation box without the need for the investor to get involved, hands-on, in the management of an entrepreneurial venture.

Why choose the Germany’s Investment Residency Program

AFFORDABILITY: With an investment requirement of only €350,000, the German Investor Visa is one of the most affordable EU residency programs in a top-tier nation state.

SIMPLICITY: The key requirements are investing in an off-plan property, and making an entrepreneurial investment into a regional development for a period of 5 years. Our seasoned consultants can assist you in meeting both these requirements with ease.

LOCATION: Centrally situated in Western Europe, Germany is the perfect strategic location, whether you’re investing to establish a business footprint or a lifestyle based foothold in the EU.

 MOBILITY: German residency means visa-free travel across 26 EU countries. Travel across Europe at a moment’s notice without the need to complete cumbersome Schengen visa applications – whether you’re a business or leisure traveller.

EDUCATION: German’s tertiary educations consistently rank among the top in the world. So if you’re considering a second residency for the sake of your children’s education, Germany could be an excellent choice.

LIFESTYLE: Most of Europe’s top cities are situated within 2 hours from your new Northern German base – with the airports of Cologne and Dusseldorf conveniently accessible by rail.