German Golden Visa Application Process 2024

Looking to understand the German Investment Residency process in more detail? A fully guided, concierge-style process makes the experience fast, simple and seamless. Find out more below, or contact us now to get your application started today. 

The below process summary illustrates how you and your family can apply for Germany Golden Visa residency in 3 months, following the below 7 steps. Our investment migration experts can answer all your questions, and will guide you through every step of the process in close collaboration with our legal associates in Germany.

STEP 1: A client mandate agreement is signed and compliance and due diligence processes are initiated.

STEP 1: The primary applicant and their eligible family members apply to enroll in the German investment residency programme, while also applying for German residency in tandem.

STEP 2: A refundable deposit is required to secure your client slot in the programme and to initiate the initial temporary residency application process.

STEP 3: The local municipality for the area where you’ll be making your off-plan property purchase issues a pre-approval for your residency application, which in turn is sent to the German consulate or embassy in your country of origin.

STEP 4: An escrow account is subsequently opened in the primary applicant’s name. The balance of the investment capital, fees, sundries charges and taxes must be transferred into this account within 14 days of the applicant receiving their residency programme pre-approval.

STEP 5: Once the above step has been completed, the primary applicant and their family members can apply for the 90-day, National D-category Visa (also referred to as the D-Visa, for short) at their local consulate or embassy.

STEP 6: If all applicable requirements have been met, D-Visas are issued with a 3-month validity. At this point, the primary applicant, spouse and dependent children under 18 are required to sign up for German private health insurance, and need to be able to supply a residential address (domicile) in the local municipality where the investment property is being purchased off-plan.

STEP 7: Once the above steps have been taken, the visa investor and their family can travel to Germany to complete their residency applications t the local German municipal offices, after which their residency status can be granted, provided that all application requirements have been met.

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